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Our games
Mechanicus logic puzzle
Mechanicus puzzle isn't just another way of killing time.
Sure, you can chill out, but you'll also develop your logic skills and spatial intelligence like IQ Test. Are you up to the challenge?

Mechanicus puzzle has 320 levels, so you can train your brain as often as you like. Each one has its own patterns and puzzle, giving your mind the most possible exercise!

Our games
Solitaire - Drop's odyssey
This new game for fans of solitaire is guaranteed to provide hours of fun!

We are offering an exciting game to all card fans. But this comes with a warning: the game is quite interesting and you have to invest time to win. The game begins at the novice level but gradually increases in difficulty. New challenges arise and the levels become more complex. Winning solitaire won't be easy with new puzzles.


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Fantastic Game! The best 'thinking' type game I have played. Maybe best game. Very artistically oriented.
- Jack Northrup from US
Great Music and Quality I have played my fair share of puzzle games in the past but this Steam-Punk style blow my mind.
- Joshua Hernandez